From the Archives: Rams Gone Wild [VIDEO]

Check out this video from the RamZone archives of the Mopar RamRunner blowing through the trails at Moab, Utah. While our friends at the Jeep Brand prepare for their 2012 Desert Safari, we look back fondly on the cameo we made a couple years back. Perhaps its time to take another trip to the oasis […]


Tweet to Win a Kellie Pickler Vinyl LP and Hatch Poster

The Road to the Ram Jam is a few months away, but the road-trip is about to get underway with a Twitter giveaway from Ram Trucks. To get the party started, Road to the Ram Jam artist Kellie Pickler is giving away a vinyl LP and Hatch poster on Twitter. For a chance to win, […]

Dodge Durango Special Joins the Force

Dodge has announced the Durango Special Service, an SUV specially engineered for police, fire, and heavy-duty use. Built at the modern Jefferson North plant in Detroit, the Durango Special Service joins the Dodge Charger Pursuit and Ram 1500 Special Service truck, two more vehicles already available on special order to… Read More

Ram Trucks | Respect Commercial

The Ram 1500 Express says a lot about you, in a deep, HEMI-rumble sort of way. Guts. Glory. Ram.

Fred Diaz Discusses the Laramie Limited at the Chicago Auto Show

The all new Ram Laramie Limited made its debut at the Chicago Auto Show, which is where RamZone caught up with Fred Diaz, President and CEO, Ram Truck Brand, to discuss the sleek addition to the Ram Trucks lineup. RamZone: What, in your mind, makes the Laramie Limited stand out? Fred Diaz: The reason the […]

How Many Jill Ciminillos Fit in a RamBox?

It was the question on everyones mind at the Chicago Auto Show: Will auto writer Jill Ciminillo fit inside a RamBox? And the answer, as you can see from the photo, is absolutely and amazingly yes. Ciminillo is an auto journalist and blogger at Drive, She Said, and for her trademark antics of […]

Watch the Ram Trucks Giants Commercial [VIDEO]

Ram Trucks aired our Guts & Glory Giants commercial during the pre-game show. There are no starting whistles or final buzzers in the land of giants to rise above takes a lifelong commitment. This is the land of giants, home of the brave. It’s where grit sharpens its teeth, dirt thickens the soul, fear […]

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